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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Emploi-Québec – Explore subsidy programs to train your employees

If you would like to benefit from this specific business period to train your employees or if you would like to move forward with a long planned training project, you could benefit from government financial support.

Indeed, Emploi-Québec offers several subsidy programs for company training. Whether it is to train new employees or ensure the continuous development of your employees’ skills, there may be a program to help you reach your objectives.

About Acomba training sessions

Did you know that we offer numerous training sessions to help users fully master the software and various business management operations? In addition, these sessions are offered online, which allows you to respect the public health guidelines and instructions still in place.

Discover them here!

Consult the training catalog

To learn more about the Emploi-Québec subsidy programs, and to find out if you are eligible, contact your nearest local employment center.