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Friday, March 26, 2021

Notice - Modification of our billing process

We wish to advise you that we will soon be making a major change to our billing process.

In the future, we will be using the ACCEO Transphere platform to send your invoices and receive payment. Your invoices will soon be sent exclusively by email via the ACCEO Transphere platform.

When you receive your first invoice via Transphere, the email received will indicate where and when you can make the payment.


If you already have a payment agreement with us and your payments are deducted automatically each month, this agreement takes precedence over the new process. You will therefore not need to pay your invoices with ACCEO Transphere, you can simply use the platform to consult your invoices paid.

Do you know ACCEO Transphere?

ACCEO Transphere is a secure web portal in which you can consult all your invoices to pay and benefit from a great deal of flexibility for your payments, since you can choose the payment method that you prefer. The process of consulting your invoices and payments will therefore be much easier.

Once you make the transition to ACCEO Transphere, you will easily be able to go on the platform at any time to consult your invoices to pay and the history of your invoices already paid. Each time an invoice is ready, you will receive an email from ACCEO Transphere informing you that an invoice is ready for consultation and payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1 800 862-5922.

Thank you for trusting ACCEO.

The ACCEO team